Virtual Teaching internships
open to all

As an alternative to internships in Spain, we offer virtual internships

open to all proficient speakers of English, french and Spanish, interested in Teaching, and with a good Internet Connection.
Not a student? You can also apply!

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Internships are a critical piece of any university programme which is why we were delighted to launch Virtual Internships at TEFL Trainer (back in April 2020!). Professional development is something everyone can benefit from, especially when looking to pivot in your career.

That is why we are now offering a unique experience. Get to communicate in English, gain confidence teaching and hone skills for life by strengthening your digital communication, your technology knowledge, and your time management skills as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language. This option is also available in French and Spanish.

with the global pandemic we had fewer internships in Spain and needed remote opportunities - we still offer them to this day!


Apply today and let’s get your virtual internship organised within a week! No Certification Fees to be paid to us: the language school where we place you pays for our recruitment and TEFL certification fees upon successful completion of your virtual internship. 

All you need is to be interested in teaching and ready to embrace the entirely online work environment. We understand that you may feel a little apprehensive about not being physically present during your internship. It is totally understandable. Rest assured: you will still meet your new coworkers, receive training and plenty of support. What you will gather through this remote internship is valuable teaching experience and professional growth, as well as accredited TEFL Certification.

Don't worry if this is your first time navigating this environment as the school organises a thorough induction to help you familiarise yourself with all the technology and materials involved.

new skills

Throughout your virtual internship you will learn more about self-discipline and time management. Turning up for virtual meetings in your pyjamas might sound tempting now but it is definitely not an option, at least not from the waist up.

You will learn to take initiative to manage your workload and be proactive. Demonstrating a strong work ethic is easily done online too and can leave a lasting impression. Upon completion of the Virtual Internship you will receive a breakdown of your grades provided by the language school. This can be used as an alternative to a reference letter.

Feedback is still key: you may feel isolated but you can always ask for extra feedback. Your colleagues and manager will assist you by providing you with regular evaluations and advice, via email, virtual meetings, or the work chat.

Remote-style working means scheduling your workload, establishing a routine, developing your work ethic, and establishing good communication with the team. Remote work before the lockdown seemed to be quite niche, but as employees across the world have transitioned to working from home, being part of this experiment as an intern will be key on your CV!

"Fewer interruptions from coworkers", "Increased productivity" but "Missing the office" are only some of the examples of feedback received from those having transitioned to working from home during their internship and the first 2020 lockdown.

Teaching Internships

  • Interested in completing a comprehensive TEFL Certification programme during a month or during the upcoming academic semester 1 or 2?
  • Apply now for one of our Virtual TEFL Internships, and as a native (level) or proficient speaker of English, French, and/or Spanish.
  • If you are a student, ask your Erasmus Coordinator for the university requirements. We are flexible! (Minimum 1 month. Maximum 9 months). 
  • If you are not a university student you can still complete 60 hours online of teaching + our Premium TEFL certification course free of charge.

A new work environment

Digital Skills

  • Staying connected with your team during a virtual internship will require integrating into company culture and networking with colleagues, online, and from day 1.
  • A virtual internship is a valuable opportunity for professional growth as it will show flexibility, tech savviness, time management skills, and great communication abilities.
  • You will learn about new communication channels such as Work Chats or Video Conferencing Software, but also workflow through Cloud-based drives, Software automation and Productivity tools, as well as setting up a work space at home (camera, microphone etc).

How much will it cost?

No fees to be paid!

By applying directly through us and by completing an internship in one of our partner schools, you will have no certification fees to pay.  

Request a call back when in doubt! We are here to inform and advise.

Still have some questions? Write to us!

Our interviews are informal and informative!

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I attended a workshop across two weekends on teaching business, young learners and exam preparation which were equally as well-planned and engaging. I’m sad it’s over!

Poppy Treadaway

This is a great course (…) In particular, Julia offers impeccable support throughout the whole process and dedicates a lot of time to her interns!

Julia Audinet

I really enjoyed the blend of online training with teaching in Madrid, giving me a chance to implement what I had learnt. The reflective diaries were also really helpful to delve deeper into the theory behind teaching.

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Beth M. Madrid

The TEFL trainer is a great course and provided me with a wonderful experience teaching in Madrid.

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Emma S. Madrid

This work experience of teaching was really perfect for me. I had no experience in that sector but the staff helped me a lot.

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Clémence J. Madrid

During my TEFL training in Valencia I gained a lot of new knowledge and fantastic experiences.

The TEFL trainer programme covers all neccessary topics to make you a confident and well prepared teacher.

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Denise P. Valencia