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At TEFL Trainer, we prepare you to teach English as a foreign language through theory & practice.Sign Up Now!

Online TEFL Courses & TEFL Internships

100% Online TEFL
120 hours

Online w/ Tasks

Online w/ Skype
160 hours



Our most comprehensive option: Level 5

(160 hours of TEFL Theory + 30 hours+ of teaching Practice)

Gain Certification with a 20-hour weekend TEFL course in Valencia or Barcelona

+ Optional 30 hours of Volunteering in a language school

+ 140-hour online Course

+ 20-hour specialist add-on Course!



TEFL Courses

Across Spain, we offer complete TEFL Certification Courses: Online and Classroom-based. You can choose to start your 140-hour Online TEFL Course before coming to Barcelona, Bilbao, Córdoba, Salamanca, Valencia, or Madrid for an English Teaching Internship programme (classroom experience).

TEFL Certification

Our Accredited and comprehensive TEFL Course can be completed online over 140 hours before teaching. If you are serious about becoming TEFL qualified, sign up now for our accredited Online TEFL Course. Become knowledgeable in all course types and levels and learn how to deliver a structured, enjoyable, and effective class.

TEFL Course Spain

Our TEFL Internships are for university students only. While you TEFL abroad our partner language school pays for your certification fees. You can apply through your university or by emailing us directly (contact@teflinternshipspain.com). All fields of study/degree are welcome.

TEFL Course Online

Our TEFL Courses online are ideal for those wishing to complete the TEFL course at their own pace and become TEFL certified online. Our 120-hour, 140-hour or 160-hour accredited TEFL programs can be complemented by Skype sessions of TEFL coaching, at an added cost (upgrade now!).

TEFL Course Valencia

Valencia, the third largest city in Spain, experiences a hot-summer Mediterranean climate with semi-arid climate influences. TEFL Trainer’s TEFL Courses in Valencia are in high demand by all age groups and all year round. We work with schools that teach adults and/or kids. You choose!

Accredited TEFL Courses

Our TEFL Certification Courses are accredited and extremely comprehensive, as well as surprisingly affordable, making them very sought-after amongst students and professionals alike.

Erasmus+ language intern TEFL Trainer Spain

What is TEFL?

Accredited TEFL COURSES for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) are designed to help develop an individual’s teaching skills through a combination of theory and practical work.


Attain our TEFL CERTIFICATION and prepare to work. Even with a TEFL certificate, schools are loathed to give work to someone without work experience as they are usually reliant on paying customers and cannot take the risk.


These are the questions most asked. Once our the learning blocks completed, you will be awarded with your TEFL certification, as well as your recommendation letter (= PDF of the breakdown of your grades).


You can guarantee yourself a variety of TEFL Jobs with our certification. We actually have schools in Spain trying to poach our candidates before they qualify. Such is our reputation! However it is better to finish the course to become qualified.


Studying TEFL Abroad is an advantage because you will pick up another language. If you are going to teach English you will not only be more credible if you can speak another language but you will also be able to relate to your students.

Blended Learning

With TEFL Trainer, gain TEFL Certification by combining Teaching (50 hours+), Theory (140 or 160 hours Online TEFL with 6 final exams), and Research (6 assignments in the form of Reflective Diaries).

TEFL Jobs worldwide require a TEFL Certificate and Teaching experience. Teach in academias de inglés in Spain.


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