Teaching English in Spain on your Year Abroad

Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Castellon la Plana

TEFL Trainer Internships in Spain

Where you can complete your Erasmus+ TEFL Internship in Spain


Each of the 100 openings we offer across cities in Spain is either focused on either:

  • teaching English as a foreign language (for those interested in learning how to teach, and with no initial level of Spanish required), or
  • admin within a language school. This option however is only available to candidates already at a B1/B2 level of Spanish in Speaking and Writing 


We recruit all year round. So if you are looking to start at a particular time, these are roughly the deadlines:

  • January or February start: please apply ASAP!
  • September or October start: please apply now!
  • Summer internships: please apply now!

Our Recruitment process is Free and Straightforward

6 easy steps

What we are looking for

This is your opportunity to sell yourself and tell us why you are the ideal candidate.

We are looking for: personable, motivated people with a proficient level in English (or native level speakers), with some transferable skills to TEFL, not necessarily prior teaching experience! Teaching skills and TEFL knowledge will be imparted throughout the programme.

Please note that you need to be an EU or UK Passport holder to partake in our programmes in Spain.

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What to prepare for the interview

Our interviews are 1st-stage which means we are here to provide:

  • information about the internship 
  • pointers for the 2nd-stage interview (which takes place with the language school in Spain, via Skype, WhatsApp, or Zoom)
  • assessment of Spanish (when applicants which to complete an admin internship as opposed to a 100% teaching internship where only English is required)
CV in English
Cover Letter / Brief Introductory Email
Questions about the Internship
Questions about Certification
Questions about the City you are interested in

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Erasmus+ internships in Spain

Our interviews are informal and informative!

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