TEFL Courses in Spain

TEFL Courses in Spain  | Theory & Practice combined

TEFL Courses in Spain with TEFL Trainer

TEFL Trainer offers TEFL Courses in Spain with a 1- to 9-month TEFL internship programme in Barcelona, Madrid, or Valencia.

This teaching internship is designed to supplement your Accredited & Online TEFL Course with 1 month+ of Teaching Experience or Lesson Plans. This will enable you to consolidate your theoretical knowledge of teaching English as a foreign language, and enable you to gain first-hand experience in the classroom. This formula guarantees employability in TEFL.

3 learning blocks

TEFL Theory 140 hours Online & 6 final Exams
TEFL Research 6 x 400-word Reflective Diaries
TEFL Classroom Practice or 6 Lesson Plans 100+ hours of Teaching or Further preparation for Teaching (with optional Skype mentoring)


  • Our TEFL Assistantship Programmes start almost every month in Barcelona, Valencia, and Madrid. You can apply now by email: contact@teflinternshipspain.com specifying your preferred start date (please suggest any Monday). In order to partake in this programme, you will need to have an advanced level of English and have successfully passed a Phone and/or Skype interview.
  • Our TEFL Courses are advanced as they combine first-hand teaching experience and theory.
  • Our TEFL Courses are fully accredited and internationally recognised.
  • Our TEFL Certification programme is considered General and Specialist (as you will learn about General English, but also Business, and Exam English).
  • Please note that you need to be an EU Passport holder to partake in our programmes in Spain, as we are unable to help with visa applications being a UK based company.
  • If you a non EU passport holder, we will first of all forward your request for a student visa to a partner school in Spain, who will then be able to provide you with an estimate for a language course in Spain – enabling you to sign up for a course giving you access to a student visa. You would then be able to complete our TEFL certification programme in parallel.


At TEFL Trainer, we provide a professional, friendly and supportive environment where you will learn to teach English in 1to1 and small groups. We tutor and lecture so you will be mentored online and receive instruction face to face. You will teach English 1to1 and, in some partner schools, to small groups (2 to 8 learners). You will also observe experienced teachers.

Our TEFL Courses in Spain are extremely hands-on, professional yet friendly, and extremely competitive in terms of price and quality! In our teacher training partner language schools, in Valencia, Barcelona, and Madrid, you will receive all the teaching experience with real students of English, support from your headteacher onsite, a complete TEFL course (booklet and complete online course), as well as further support from your online mentor.



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