Teaching English Abroad Tefl

Teaching English Abroad TEFL

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Teaching English Abroad TEFL

The decision to teach English overseas if a life changing one. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to teach for a long or short period, the things you will experience and the people you will meet will shape your world in new and exciting ways. The amazing thrill that teachers report seeing their class go from zero vocabulary to near fluency is only part of the rewarding life of a TEFL internships abroad teacher, the very real inclusion with local life and living another culture is far and away a better experience than most day trippers and tourists will ever see.

Teaching English abroad TEFL is not as scary as it may first seem, some people are a bit apprehensive about the first day but are quickly won over once they see the genuine welcome attitude of students and community. You may be expecting that attitude to wear off over time, but most teachers find the peoples kindness lasts long through their stay and beyond.

Being adaptable is a must for all people teaching TEFL, most countries crying out for English teachers are not economically well off and this means that there will be vast differences in daily life and attitude.  That’s the wonderful part of TEFL abroad, actual real experiences with real people in the culture, beyond the brochures filtered images of famous landmarks.

Don’t sweat if you don’t speak the native language, TEFL teaching systems are clear and easy to use even without knowledge of the local tongue, however some teach abroad jobs will help with basic language lessons for their teachers. After a few weeks conversing with the locals however – you’ll be rolling along easily in no time.

Sound great right? Hold up, before you start investigating airfares and job postings you will want to look into getting a TEFL teaching certificate. Although some schools will happily accept anyone as long as they are a native English speaker, you are likely to find better postings if you are certified. Certified TEFL teachers are likely to score jobs with better pay, accommodation and support.  Also and maybe more importantly you are guaranteed to be 100% more confident in your abilities to teach English to non-native speakers after getting you certificate!

This is the beginning of a grand adventure, if you have ever wanted to try something new and expand your horizons, then teaching English abroad TEFL just may be the thing for you.

See the world, make a difference and change your life while teaching English abroad TEFL…