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Our Premium TEFL Certification Programme

Online TEFL Certificate covering all the essential TEFL modules, with pre-recorded collaborative Zoom webinars: get inspired by our community of teachers! This option is to be combined with:
  • Online Course with its 120+ bite-sized modules and 6 Final Exams
  • More personalised Support via Email,
  • 6 Reflective Diaries,
  • 6 Lesson Plans,
  • Pre-Recorded Webinars: to get ideas about reflective diaries and lesson plans
  • 1 Student Handbook with all guidelines, topics, and links to an array of online resources,
  • a PDF of your numbered and accredited Certificate
Optional: You can also submit 2 Extra Lesson Plans per Specialist Module if you wish to validate the following (This is on top of the mandatory 6 Lesson Plans of the Premium Course):
  • Teaching Young Learners (2 Lesson Plans)
  • Teaching Business English (2 Lesson Plans)
  • Teaching Exam Preparation (2 Lesson Plans)
    TEFL Trainer Certificate_ this could be yours!  

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