Lesson Plan – Level B1 – Accents in English

Lesson Plan for B1 students

Diary submitted by Natalia W. Madrid


Topic: Accents in English


Teacher trainee’s name: Natalia W.

Topic: Culture: Accents in English

Time: 45 minutes

Level: B1

Date: 27.03.2018

Students’ aims:

General aims of the lesson:

  • gaining knowledge about different varieties of English language
  • developing vocabulary
  • practising reading skills

Specific aims of the lesson:

  • by the end of this lesson student will be able to distinguish British and American accent
  • by the end of this lesson student will be able to enumerate words which differ in British and American English
  • by the end of this lesson student will be familiar with term native language and accent

Lesson Plan B1 Accents in English TEFL Trainer Blog

Lesson Plan

Stage Procedure Sub-aim Inter. Patterns Materials Timing Anticipated problems & solutions
Introduction Introducing topic of the lesson (write it on the board) and checking homework Checking students knowledge from previous class Individual work Notebooks, board 5 minutes —————-
Lead-in Explain term accent, native language
Ask students where do people speak English as a native language.
Introduce new terms Lecture and dialogue ——————— 3 minutes Students will enumerate many counties where people speak English if they don’t understand what native language means
Teacher will need to explain the term using different examples (e.g. Poland and Polish language)
Presentation Explain students that American and British English differ in terms of pronouciation Make students aware of differences in American English and British English

2 minutes —————————
Second presentation Play video clip which shows the same sentence read by American and British speaker
Ask students which accent is British and which is American
Back theory up with examples Presentation projector, computer, Internet connection 3 minutes
Practice Write down on the board 2 sentences form video and practise it out loud
Later ask for volunteers to read it alone
Improving students pronunciation drill board 5 minutes Students can be shy, teacher can encourage them by making contest for the best pair
Practice Tell students about different words in American English and British English
Ask students for examples
Make students aware for differences in vocabulary dialogue ——————— 3 minutes Students don’t know any examples, then teacher needs to give some
Produce Teacher distributes handout
Students need to match American English word with British English word and  also match words with a pictures
Then teacher checks it together with students
Practising theoretical knowledge Individual work handouts 12 minutes For some students this exercise can be too difficult so they can work in pairs
Produce Teacher asks students to open book at page 13 and read text from exercise 3 about accents Practising of reading and understanding Individual work Course book 7 minutes
Homework Teacher gives homework (filling gaps in exercise 3) and “pluses” for active participation to some students Motivate students for active participation in classes ——— Course book 5 minutes

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