Partner schools

TEFL Trainer is looking for more partner schools in Spain, but also in Germany, Italy, Portugal, and France. 

The school would host our TEFL interns while they complete our Online TEFL Course and written assignments, and teach in the school (maximum 30 hours per week).


Contact us now by email: contact@teflinternshipspain.com for more information!

The host school’s responsibilities include:

Host School Responsibilities Mandatory
Agree and complete a signed agreement between the Host School and Intern for the Placement including the TEFL Trainer Code of Conduct within 5 working days of confirming the placement.
Organise a safe and secure working environment for the Intern.
Provide local induction to the Host School including:– introduction to the Host School staff

– information on Host School rules and regulations

– information and guidance on local customs and the local area

Assign the Intern a mentor from the staff of the Host School who will arrange regular weekly meeting with the Intern and be the Intern’s first point of contact for all support queries.
An observation period of at least two half days at the start of their Placement.
Do their best to fully integrate the Intern into school life.
Provide welfare support and pastoral care to the Intern.
Ensure the Intern is allowed at least two full free days each week.
Sign an end of placement confirmation letter upon completion of the placement.
Complete an evaluation form following the placement, to be sent to TEFL Trainer.
Inform TEFL Trainer of any lateness or absences of the Intern, or any issues.

Further requirements to be selected as a Partner School:

Partner School Requirements
Place of Work (1 only)
Liability Insurance
A supportive work environment
Our fees (admin fee to be paid monthly)
Opportunities to practise their languages
Completion of evaluation grid
Transparency with TEFL Trainer (intern’s timetable etc.)
H&S standards
Academic support
Lesson Plans and materials provided