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120-hour TEFL Certificate

  • Ideal for those with Teaching Experience in need of a Teaching Certificate.
  • 100% Online and Flexible
  • Self-Study
  • Average Completion Time: 4 to 8 weeks
  • 6 Final Exams Online
  • Fully Accredited Level 3 TEFL Certificate
  • PDF of your Certificate
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A quick & Effective Online TEFL Course

If you just need Certification but already have teaching experience this Level 3 Course can be supplemented by hours of teaching in your own country. You would simply need to upgrade to our Premium Course and provide us with references or your current supervisor’s contact details, for us to confirm and validate your hours of teaching – making it a Level 5 Certificate.

Lots of Theory to get you started

This accredited 120-hour Online TEFL Course includes:

  • 120-hour TEFL Certification Course, online.
  • Student Handbook for better Self-study
  • Email support
  • 6 online exams to complete, as part of the summative and final evaluation of our Online TEFL Course, within 12 months from starting the course.
  • A PDF of your Certificate upon completion of the programme and successful completion its 6 final exams. 

How much will it cost?


Accredited Course

Value for Money: Having had our Course materials and recruitment and assessment processes validated and regulated means that our Certificate is not only accredited but also internationally recognised.

Student Handbook

A great guide is provided to you upon signing up. It contains pointers as well as lists of resource websites and reference books on Lesson Planning and TEFL in general.

Welcome Call

All this Quick Course option does not come with Webinars or Workshop session (please check out our Premium option for that here), we organise a Welcome Call so as to determine a timeline for the Course Completion.

Lots of Support

Whether through email or our forum, you will be part of our TEFL Community and supported throughout your Course and teaching Career.

Comprehensive Blog

Sign up to our Newsletter and receive our latest Blog Posts straight in your Inbox. Stay informed and grow throughout your teaching career. Our blog posts are a combination of diaries and resources.

Easy to navigate

A course designed with the student at the forefront. Bite-sized modules are accompanied by quick quizzes, helping you acquire the theoretical knowledge at your own pace.

TEFL Certified


TEFL Trainer


TEFL Trainer's Certification Courses have a:

95% Pass Rate


"I am very happy with this experience and the opportunity that TEFL Trainer Spain gave me. As an Applied Languages student myself, this internship was perfectly related to my degree and my learning."
"I really enjoyed this online course with TEFL trainer. In two months time I had completed the TEFL Internship with success. It was a challenging and rewarding experience. (...)”
"I Had Spent A Few Months In Valencia And I Can Say That The Experience Was Awesome! I Am Now Confident As A TEFL Teacher"​

Basic TEFL Course

A unique Course
- FAQ -

The overall aim of TEFL TRAINER’s accredited online TEFL Course is to make you very knowledgeable in all course types and levels, ensure that you have a high level of language awareness (phonetics and grammar: getting up to speed with these language systems is key), and that you know how to deliver a structured, enjoyable, and effective class.

This sound introduction to the world of teaching is paramount for a successful career in TEFL.

  • You just need to be a proficient user of English to apply.
  • You need a laptop, a good internet connection and Skype.
  • We offer our TEFL Certification Course to students and graduates alike, no limit of age.
  • No prior qualification or experience in teaching is required.
  • High level of English (native or B2+ non-native levels are welcome), determination, and willingness to learn are the requirements.
  • Regardless of the online TEFL Course you select, we recommend a phone call to run through the Student Handbook you receive upon signing up.
  • We are also always available by email to provide support and guidance.
  • Accredited TEFL Certification.
  • Extensive subject knowledge: General and Academic English Teaching, classroom management and methodology.
  • TEFL Classroom experience (Live Webinars with Lesson Planning).
  • You have access to the Course for 12 months from signing up. 
  • The 120-hour Course takes 4 to 8 weeks to complete (Online Studying + 6 Final Exams Online).
  • This course can take between anything between 50 and 120 hours, depending on your prior knowledge of English, on whether you have taught before or not, as well as your level of perfectionism.

The main challenge(s) you are likely to be faced with are:

  • the workload unless combined with mentoring and webinars: book your welcome call to run through a timeline and strategy with your TEFL Trainer and mentor.
  • the new lingo: rest assured you can complete the course at your own pace and repeat certain modules thanks to the way that the course progression is unlocked and the practice quizzes can be done several times each.
  • TEFL Trainer strives to support you to develop your teaching skills and subject knowledge. 95% of our students that complete their Course. pass
  • The 5% drop out or failure rate can be explained by a change in personal circumstances or due to a range of other factors.
  • We receive applications from candidates from numerous fields of study, ages, and countries. 
  • Also, on our programme, we have people that are seeking a radical change in career in their late 30s and 40s, as well as recently graduated 20/25-year olds looking to use their language skills and learn a profession.
  • Although most of the videos on our website reflect the younger age bracket, we have to stress that it is solely because they were the only ones that were not camera shy the day we shot the testimonials!
  • You can sign up and pay today: here.
  • From your introduction call to your final assignment, you will be supported by your TEFL Trainer and mentor.
  • In order to build your knowledge base and teaching skills to become a confident and effective teacher for your students, the Webinars and the Mentoring sessions will further support you and challenge you. We therefore recommend you sign up for the 160-hour Premium Course if you have no or little Teaching experience: more information here.
  • You can start any day of the year.
  • We have a calendar booking system (based on Spanish time) at your disposal, to book your welcome call.
  • So this is a great online TEFL course for learners of English and for future TEFL professionals (teachers and coordinators) as it comes with units on Methodology and Lesson Planning (ideal for self-study and teaching).
  • You will learn about a system of methods you can use or mistakes to avoid in the classroom. Language and Level units are designed to give you a better understanding of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning, Teaching, and Assessment) and help you identify and address common mistakes made by learners of English. The Classroom Management units will give you some insight into disciplinary problems, motivation and organisation in the classroom.

First of all the Online part of our TEFL Course comprises a complete Grammar Course, Methodology Units, Language and Levels Units, and Classroom Management Units.

The study programme focuses on the most essential TEFL skills and is considered a complete and advanced course.

This online TEFL course lasts 120 hours when spending 40 to 60 minutes on each grammar point and an average of 60 minutes on each of the other chapters contained in the other units (Language and Levels, Methodology, and Classroom Management). We would not recommend completing this course in less time!

In short, our professional video tutorials, explaining TEFL essentials point by point, using plain English and lingo, enable you to gradually acquire the “metalanguage” (lingo of Grammar) and other jargon, as well as good subject knowledge. You will learn everything you need to know to Teach English Grammar (Teaching English as a Foreign Language – TEFL). The videos are supplemented by interactive exercises and text you can read online.

TEFL Trainer’s accredited TEFL Courses contains the following learning block.

BLOCK 1: online (120 hours of videos, text, and interactive exercises):

  • A/ Basics of Teaching: an introduction to TEFL.
  • B/ Phonetics: a comprehensive unit to understand the IPA and start using it to teach phonology and pronunciation.
  • C/ Grammar: a thorough review of word classes, functions, and more. Example below!
  • D/ TEFL language and levels units, to start planning your lessons.
  • E/ TEFL Practice units.
  • F/ Classroom Management theory.
  • G/ Methodology units.
  • H/ TEFL Job Interview Preparation units, and
  • I/ 6 final exams (on Chapters A, B, C, D, E, and F).

Your certificate is obtained and graded as follows:

  • Online course: 100% of final grade,
  • You must obtain a minimum of 60% in each of the 6 Final Exams.
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