Online 120-hour TEFL Course

Online 120-hour TEFL Course

100% Online TEFL Course (Level 3), 120 hours

£49 (March discount!)

An extremely comprehensive Accredited Online TEFL Course: 120 hours 100% online

This Online TEFL Course includes:

  1. 6 online exams to complete, as part of the summative and final evaluation of our Online TEFL Course, within 6 months from starting the course.
  2. 24/7 online support via email
  3. A welcome phone call and an optional exit phone call upon completion of all 6 final exams
  4. A PDF of your Certificate upon completion of your 6 final exams. All exams must be completed within 12 months from signing up, in order for you to receive your TEFL Certificate. 

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A/ COURSE AIM: Why do this TEFL course?

The overall aim of this Online TEFL Course, TEFL TRAINER’s accredited TEFL Course, is to make you very knowledgeable in all course types and levels, as well as ensure that you have a high level of language awareness (phonetics and grammar: getting up to speed with these language systems is key). This brief introduction to the world of teaching is paramount for a successful career in TEFL.

B/ ELIGIBILITY: Who can do this TEFL course?

We offer our TEFL Certification Course to students and professionals alike, no limit of age. No prior qualification or experience in teaching is required. Fluent English (B2 to fluent levels are recommended), determination, and willingness to learn are the requirements. Regardless of the TEFL Course you select, we recommend a phone call to run through the Student Handbook you receive upon signing up. We are always available by email to provide support and guidance.

C/ COURSE SYLLABUS: What will you learn?

TEFL Trainer’s accredited TEFL Courses all contain the following three learning blocks:

1 LEARNING BLOCK100% online (120 hours of videos, text, and interactive exercises):
A/ Basics of Teaching: an introduction to TEFL.
B/ Phonetics: a comprehensive unit to understand the IPA and start using it to teach phonology and pronunciation.
C/ Grammar: a thorough review of word classes, functions, and more. Example below!
D/ TEFL language and levels units, to start planning your lessons.
E/ TEFL Practice units.
F/ Classroom Management theory.
I/ 6 final exams (on Chapters A, B, C, D, E, and F).


Your certificate is obtained and graded as follows:

6 exams online:

  • 16,66% Grammar,
  • 16,66% Phonetics,
  • 16,66% Basics of Teaching units,
  • 16,66% Language and Levels,
  • 16,66% Classroom Management, and
  • 16,66% TEFL Practice units.

You must obtain a minimum of 60% in each of the 6 final exams.


Our comprehensive TEFL Certification Course contains some of the following media and content types.


Plenty of theory is explained in our videos! Over 100 are available and include Grammar, Phonetics, and Spelling.

Learning the theory of TEFL is important. Get ready for your teaching practice through case studies and the study of real classroom scenarios. Short, digestible, and useful content!

Interactive Practice Quizzes and Final Exams

Practice makes perfect: our formative quizzes can be completed many times. The summative final evaluations can only be completed once.

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F/ MORE ABOUT THE COURSE: How to complete this course?

First of all the Online part of our TEFL Course comprises a complete Grammar Course, Methodology Units, Language and Levels Units, and Classroom Management Units. The study programme focuses on the most essential TEFL skills and is considered a complete and advanced course.

This course lasts 120 hours when spending 40 to 60 minutes on each grammar point and an average of 60 minutes on each of the other chapters contained in the other units (Language and Levels, Methodology, and Classroom Management). We would not recommend completing this course in less time!

In short, our professional video tutorials, explaining TEFL essentials point by point, using plain English and lingo, enable you to gradually acquire the “metalanguage” (lingo of Grammar) and other jargon, as well as good subject knowledge. You will learn everything you need to know to Teach English Grammar (Teaching English as a Foreign Language – TEFL). The videos are supplemented by interactive exercises and text you can read online.


So this is a great course for learners of English and for future TEFL professionals (teachers and coordinators) as it comes with units on Methodology and Lesson Planning (ideal for self-study and teaching).

You will learn about a system of methods you can use or mistakes to avoid in the classroom. Language and Level units are designed to give you a better understanding of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning, Teaching, and Assessment) and help you identify and address common mistakes made by learners of English. The Classroom Management units will give you some insight into disciplinary problems, motivation and organisation in the classroom. This online TEFL course can take between anything between 60  and 120 hours, depending on your prior knowledge of English, on whether you have taught before or not, as well as your level of perfectionism.


Last but not least, we are a fully accredited and recognised TEFL certification provider: more information here.


Our extremely comprehensive Online TEFL Course will enable you to gain the knowledge and confidence to correct and praise your students, guide them, and deliver classes which will be varied and relatable.


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I attended a workshop across two weekends on teaching business, young learners and exam preparation which were equally as well-planned and engaging. I’m sad it’s over!

Poppy Treadaway

This is a great course (…) In particular, Julia offers impeccable support throughout the whole process and dedicates a lot of time to her interns!

Julia Audinet

I really enjoyed the blend of online training with teaching in Madrid, giving me a chance to implement what I had learnt. The reflective diaries were also really helpful to delve deeper into the theory behind teaching.

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Beth M. Madrid

The TEFL trainer is a great course and provided me with a wonderful experience teaching in Madrid.

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Emma S. Madrid

This work experience of teaching was really perfect for me. I had no experience in that sector but the staff helped me a lot.

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Clémence J. Madrid

During my TEFL training in Valencia I gained a lot of new knowledge and fantastic experiences.

The TEFL trainer programme covers all neccessary topics to make you a confident and well prepared teacher.

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Denise P. Valencia