3. Basic Grammar

Understanding basic grammar is essential before you embark on your TEFL adventure. Throughout this comprehensive TEFL Course, you will be covering more grammar points, in depth.

Basic Grammar

In this unit, you will be briefly reviewing word classes, and tenses.


Word Classes

What are the different word classes?

A word class is a part of speech, or category of words of similar form or function.

  • nouns – i.e. flower
  • pronouns – i.e. mine
  • determiners – i.e. their
  • verbs – i.e. follow
  • prepositions – i.e. at
  • affixes (prefixes and suffixes) – i.e. anti-
  • conjunctions – i.e. and
  • adjectives – i.e. happy
  • adverbs – i.e. happily


tense is a set of forms taken by a verb to show the time (and at times the continuance or completeness too) of the action in relation to the time of the utterance.

What are the different tenses?

  • present simple – i.e. I learn
  • present continuous (or present progressive) – i.e. I am learning
  • present perfect – i.e. I have learned
  • present perfect continuous (or present perfect progressive) – i.e. I  have been learning
  • simple past – i.e. I learned
  • past continuous – i.e. I was learning
  • past perfect – i.e. I had learned
  • past perfect continuous (or past perfect progressive) – i.e. I had been learning
  • simple future – i.e. I will learn
  • simple conditional – i.e. I would learn
  • conditional perfect – i.e. I would have learned
  • conditional perfect continuous (or conditional perfect progressive) – i.e. I would have been learning

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