Why should we teach with technology? Why shouldn’t we?

Why should we teach with technology? Why shouldn’t we? Discuss pros and cons.

Diary submitted by Christion W., Erasmus+ internship in Valencia

Teaching with technology has become something that I have been slowly implementing into my classes. I feel the need to use my laptop in class as this is where I tend to make most of my notes. I have been born in the age of technology and its slowly becoming a normal facet of my everyday life. Sometime I like to show my students a short video creating a scenario of how to use a particular verb tense which really helps them to understand how they can use verb tenses in realistic situations. 

Using technology has been very effective with classes that contain younger students. They tend to be more focused and less talkative. Sometimes, I make my students use their phones in class to complete vocabulary exercises as most of them have digital dictionaries on their phones. At Valencia language club we use TV´s to aid visual and listening classes which has been quite effective. It is pointed out by Vawn Himmelsbach that “there are countless resources for enhancing education and making learning more fun and effective”. I entirely agree with this statement as I have been using my laptop in classes for vocabulary games, visual aid, and role play activities that supplement my students learning experiences. 

On the other hand, Technology can be issue when it comes to teaching. The main issue is that sometimes technology can be a distraction. In my classes with younger students, when I allow them to use their phones for particular activity I tend to see some them using their favourite social media or playing games instead of using a dictionary app or an educational app that I have told them to use. Also, students of all ages tend to rely too much on google translate and other sources to create their sentences for writing tasks which is completely unreliable and I try to tell them that that these translation tools are good but not entirely accurate and can hinder their natural understanding of English. I recognise that technology can also break up the natural flow of the class because I would first have to teach students how to use a new English learning app or play a new game which can sometimes take up almost half of my teaching time. I look back at these classes and think maybe I should have just used the class material that was provided to me. Overall, I believe that the pros of technology far outweigh the cons and as time progresses technology will be a normal way of teaching in a classroom environment.

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