Why did you decide to become a Teacher?

Why did you decide to become a Teacher? 

Diary submitted by Christion W., Erasmus+ internship in Valencia

I decided to become an English teacher because the opportunity crossed my path during my final year of study at University. Originally, I had no intention of teaching but my sandwich degree had given me the opportunity to do so. There was an internship opportunity posted online through my university portal. The opportunity had instantly grabbed my attention and now my passion for Teaching English has been re-ignited. 

I have always wanted to teach in the past but I didn’t know which type of teacher I would become until I was exposed to teaching English at a private school in Alicante.

I had previously taught English in Spain and I found it quite enjoyable. I was teaching younger students from the classroom and there was an amazing feeling I got when teaching non-English speakers. I find it quite rewarding being a teacher, especially when I see those smiles on my student’s faces when they progress with their English. Carrie Lam, who is a Canadian certified teacher from Toronto posted a blog stating the 11 rewards of being a teacher where one of the rewards is making a positive impact on the lives of students. With reference to this blog post, it means a lot to me because I am the one that has been teaching them and advocating their success. Michelle Manno states in another blog post that becoming a teacher enables one to inspire others. Being a teacher has made me recognize how much of a difference a devoted teacher can make on a local community as students come from various backgrounds with different income levels. When I was younger there were many teachers that had inspired me and made me become the person who I am today and I want to also be an inspiration to others. 

Taking up teaching again is something I knew would cross my path and this time around, I am well on track to receive a TEFL qualification. This is a great opportunity for me to earn this credited certificate, enabling me to teach English as a foreign language in many parts of the world which is an added bonus for me. it is highly important for me to travel as I enjoy learning about different cultures and traditions as I believe that this can open my mind and view the world from a different perspective. Furthermore, I have always had a passion to make a difference in the world and I feel as though teaching English is a way that I can do so. 

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