Why did you decide to become a teacher?

Diary submitted by Pariise D., Valencia, 2020

As a language student, the teaching profession has been strongly encouraged as a future job opportunity by both academics and society alike. Given the great pension system, fantastic working opportunities around the world and good holiday pay, it becomes clear as to why many choose this pathway every year.

I personally decided to work as a teacher in Valencia, Spain after my first experience teaching in the Canary Islands. It gave me the opportunity to live abroad and further develop my language skill set. When it was time for me to move to Spain for my year abroad under the Erasmus+ programme, I jumped at the opportunity to teach again. 

Using the Time Educational Supplement and Nicole Tucker-Smith’s video, I will further explain why I decided to become a teacher using the guidelines found on the blog. The online article notes how no two days are the same. TEFL teachers are afforded the luxury of an ever changing routine. With each week it brings new challenges, new topics and sometimes even new students. For some people, the flexibility and lack of structure can be a worrying aspect. However for myself, who I would describe as quite nomadic, the job will allow me to move around freely without the constraints that other jobs may have. As a native speaker of English, I have the advantage of using this to help others learn the ever popular lingua franca. With a TEFL qualification, I could teach in other countries I am interested in, including but not limited to France, Canada, Bali and Italy.

The article goes on to discuss how teaching makes a difference with visible results. Personal experience can strongly support this reason as to why many choose to become teachers. Whilst working in Kings Language Academy, I was challenged with a group of 5 young teenagers who refused to engage. The first few classes were tedious and progress was slow. As we began to build a rapport, it was amazing to see their personalities blossom. As the relationship developed so did their willingness to participate and learn. I used interactive games such as bingo and dominoes, forcing them to communicate with one another in the target language. This experience taught me the value of patience and persistence, and how great it feels to watch your students grow into amazing characters. Tucker-Smith shares a similar experience where her strong connection with a child not only has a significant impact on the student but also on her. Her emotional and touching speech stress the importance of teaching and how these jobs mould the people who will form part of the next generation.

There is no doubt that the teaching profession can be challenging and at times stressful. However, the job security, flexible hours and impact you can have on not only a child’s education progress but also emotionally are just some of the reasons I continue to teach and plan to do so in the future.


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