What is TEFL Certification

What is TEFL Certification?


If you have been asking “what is TEFL Certification?” and not getting the full picture, you have come to the right place. TEFL, or Teaching English as a Foreign Language, as its name suggests involves teaching the English language to students who speak other languages. Thanks to increased globalisation, easier methods for traveling, and an education system that is open to students from around the world, an increasing number of people are moving towards learning English in foreign countries. TEFL may also be referred to as EFL (English as a Foreign Language), ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), TESOL (Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages) and TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language).

TEFL certificates can be obtained through multiple providers, and the course can be completed online as well. TEFL Certification is essential in order to teach the English language abroad and is the basic prerequisite for teaching English overseas.

What is TEFL certificationRequirements for Certification:

To understand What is TEFL Certification,  you need to know that TEFL Certificates are provided by numerous organisations specialising in training teachers. While there are no official guidelines for getting certified as a TEFL professional, most countries follow individual standards that they find acceptable. These standards have a few common requirements, including:

  1. Coursework Hours:

    Between 100 and 140 hours of coursework must be completed by the applicant.

  2. Classroom Training:

    Applicants must complete between 6 and 20 hours of practical teaching of non-native English speakers, and be assessed. Additional classroom training in TEFL theory, instruction methods, and assessment techniques is also preferred.

Once these requirements are complete, you will be awarded with the TEFL certification stating the theoretical and practical components that you have completed, as well as the subject areas you have been trained in. Generally, most TEFL courses can be completed within 3 months.

Choosing the Right TEFL Training Center:

Since there are no set standards for TEFL training, a number of dubious centres have popped up offering miracle 20 hour courses and promising the world in return. It is crucial that you do your research and select a center that complies with the above requirements. One great way of choosing the right center is by looking at the employment description for TEFL jobs; and finding the best TEFL certification course that meets or exceeds those requirements. TEFL training can also be completed online, but it is highly recommended to attend a physical class, especially if you do not have prior teaching experience. This will give you the opportunity to gain hands on knowledge, develop confidence in your own skills, and develop the techniques required for effective instruction.

After Getting Certified:

Graduates of TEFL Certification Programs are ready to start the exciting process of planning their future. There are several dedicated websites and forums that regularly post openings for TEFL teachers abroad. Most jobs these days are in Asia, particularly South Korea, China, and the Middle East. More experienced English teachers with TEFL Certificates can also obtain coveted positions in Japan, or return home to pursue a full time career as a professional language trainer. In conclusion, TEFL certification is a great way to see the world, make a good amount of money, and experience other cultures while knowing you are making a positive impact on the lives of others. Now you know what the TEFL Certification is all about.