Top tips for an irresistible TEFL CV

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Preparing the perfect CV for TEFL

Top tips for an irresistible TEFL CV 

Diary submitted by Lolita M, Erasmus+ internship in Valencia

In this essay I will discuss how to prepare the perfect CV for TEFL. I will discuss the main points to include in your CV in order to become an admirable candidate to teach English abroad. 

In order to have the perfect CV  for TEFL, it is first of all important to state your name and contact details. Including your contact information is the first step to successful CV. Once that is included, it is important to state and emphasis your educational achievements. In order to be an English teacher, you need to be able to have academic advancements and fluency in English language. Your academia and fluency of English are your main selling points for this position. Once your academic achievements are stated and elaborated, it is important to discuss in detail the type of personality that you hold. It is important to come across as a friendly, talkative and enthusiastic individual as those are the qualities someone would look for in a teacher. Do not be shy to share how many great personality traits you hold as sharing thus information will only make you seem more appealing. Once your personality has been mentioned, it is also important to emphasise your  ability to adapt to new environments. The TEFL job will involve moving abroad, so you need to show your ability to do it. It is not easy to move to a new country and adapt to new culture / climate / people / way of life. In order to be a successful TEFL candidate you need to be able to show that you are prepared to face these challenges and will not give up half way through. In this part is where it is important to emphasise your dedication to the job. Talk from the heart and express, why do you want to become a teacher? What does the job mean to you? Why do you want to move to a new country? How will it help your future? 

Once all of these points have been included in your CV, make sure to include any previous experience that you have had, especially relating to or in teaching. This will help boost your profile. Another highly important part to creating a perfect CV is making sure that the structure of it is very clear and easy to read. People are not interested to read a piece of writing that looks messy. Therefore, it is of high importance to make sure that your CV is easy to navigate. 

Overall, I have discussed the vital points to preparing a perfect CV for TEFL. 

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