TEFL Courses Online

Why Choose TEFL Courses Online?

TEFL Trainer.com offers the most complete and comprehensive online TEFL course available.

Each student is allocated to his own TEFL trainer that he can contact by email at any time the course also includes email/phone or Skype mentoring sessions with your tutor. The TEFL Courses are accessible on an online learning platform which contains hundreds of hours of videos and interactive exercises.

Whenever you have a moment just log in and practice each of the modules at the end of each one there is an exam assessment.

TEFL Courses Online

If you pass you go on to the next, if you experience difficulties we will simply explain what you have not understood and on to the next module.

  1.  to plan effective and engaging Lessons

  2. Teaching Listening techniques

  3. Teaching how to speak

  4. Use of vocabulary and correct pronunciation

  5. Teaching Reading techniques

  6. Teaching writing techniques

  7. Teaching Grammar using concrete examples

  8. Classroom Management

  9. Teaching materials and Activities

  10.  Student Needs, Exams & Producing a Scheme of Work

  11. Case Study 1

  12.  Case Study 2

Please note how we prioritise the various elements of teaching a foreign language and we offer you the Best TEFL Courses.

TEFL Trainer works with language schools in different countries and each of our trainers speaks a foreign language.

We know from experience that teaching just grammar is no longer sufficient for student requirements. Today’s Student requires English to function in a workplace or academic institution. This is why we put a heavy emphasis on speaking and listening.

To help you with this we include hours of videos plus an optional free foreign language course (Italian, Spanish, German or French) so that you will be able to teach TEFL abroad not only in the UK. This will give you an edge when applying for any job. Normally a course entails a minimum of 120 hours of tuition but can go up to 150 hours depending on the profile of each student. This is more than enough to satisfy the average employer, we also help you prepare your CV and your TEFL tutor provides you with a covering letter.

The completion time of the course varies between a month and six months. Our online-only version of the course is the most flexible way to acquire TEFL certification. Become a Teaching English as a foreign Language teacher at your rhythm and do not worry if you are a bit rusty or not used to academic study, you will pass with the help and support from your dedicated personal TEFL Trainer. Providing you take advantage of our vast resources of information you will be better prepared to find work and keep it than with any other course available.

As employers of teachers, we are well placed to know what schools are looking for when engaging English teachers , not only for Adults but also children.

Our TEFL certification is valued throughout the world by recognised Language schools.

If you would like to know more about TEFL Trainer please send us an email and we will get back to you immediately, leave a phone number if you prefer.

We at TEFL Trainer look forward to hearing from you.