How technology has impacted teaching and learning today

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Diary submitted by Emilia F., Valencia

How technology has impacted teaching and learning today.

Technology has influenced the way we live our lives drastically and has comfortably adjusted its way into the education system. It has transformed the teaching layout enabling teachers to develop lessons quickly by creating interactive, productive and up-to-date lessons. While the process did not take long to advance, some institutions are now tackling the prominence of the dependence it creates between students and teachers. In 2014 a study estimated that 70% of UK schools use tablets to access learning outlets. Meanwhile the education industry in other places in Europe are battling to decrease internet use. A law passed in 2015 has successfully banned WIFI and Wireless devices will be only be prominent in “the spaces dedicated to home, to rest and activities of children under 3 years” in France, not in the classroom.

This information leads us to question whether it will support the learning growth of students or impede it. Certainly when taking into account the errors that can occur with any machines this can delay the teaching process. The problem can even stem from the machine not turning on. This has meant that IT knowledge has also become essential for teachers, however personally I try to steer away from using it. It has been significantly helpful when searching for synonyms of vocabulary in order to ensure that the student understands, or by using pictures. According to a study three-quarters of teens (78%) say the Internet helps them do their schoolwork—47% say it helps them a lot. However one does not want to start a habit and rely on distractions such as phones or iPad in lessons as the pupil can do this in their spare time.

The disadvantages rely on the fact it is not always the most reliable and while it may be extremely accessible there are third world countries that still do not have access to technological equipment nor the internet.

Overall, I believe that it has enhanced teachers as they now have their own voice and can utilise their educational platform to spread interesting and in depth information as a way of breaking down the boundaries between student and teacher. On the other hand, it can be easy for learners to get false information or be distracted by technological devices, therefore must be used with a limit.


How technology has impacted teaching and learning today

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