Teaching in Asia

Teaching in Asia, in Korea

Reflective Diary submitted by Augusta, Valencia.

In my opinion teaching in Asia would enhance greatly my teaching experience due to the fact that its cultural environment and its teaching methods are completely different from the ones we’re used to here in Europe. Therefore, before deciding to go in one of those countries it is vital to learn to work with their system on running things, not the other way around. In this way we might be able to avoid any kind of trouble and our teaching life will be much easier.
These days many Asian country such as South Korea offer lots of opportunities for English teachers. From the materialistic point of view, it offers numerous benefits.

For instance teachers in Korea can expect to earn 1.8 million Won to 2.4 million Won which allows them to live a comfortable life. In fact the cost of living is much more lower than the one in Europe. Moreover, overtime is usually paid out to teachers who work above and beyond 120 teaching hours per month – this is the industry standard. Overtime is based on the length of the class and the location.

To give an example, South Korea’s public and private schools grant high payment according to the teacher’s experience, provide health insurance and usually an accommodation for free.
Public schools teachers have the opportunity and privilege to work directly for the Korean Ministry of Education, teaching English to students and assisting their Korean co-teachers. Plus, by having weekends off, they are able to enjoy their spare time and to get fully involved in the interesting culture of this country.

However, English foreign teachers, may also find some challenges. For instance, students in Korea are used to learning by mostly using their memory. So, it’s difficult for them when it comes to creative opinions, ideas, or to truly knowing and holding on to what they’ve memorised. For this reason, it is up to the teacher to choose the best method for their learners to learn to apply the use of the language in real life.


As a matter of fact, Korea’s rich history, ancient traditions and modern advancements offer the chance to experience something truly unique. Most people are pleasantly surprised by Korea’s welcoming attitude and engaging in local cuisines, traditions, lifestyles, etc. is a great way to learn about one of Asia’s most exciting cultures.
I believe that teaching in Korea or in another Asian country can be very rewarding, financial payment apart. It enables us to get out of our comfort zone by challenging ourselves and varying our teaching methods.
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