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Short term tefl jobs

Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL), is a term used to describe the teaching of English to non-native speakers in a country where English is not the first language. Teaching TEFL is an awesome approach to expand your experience, strengthen your resume, and help others all while learning the culture of a foreign country. Most of the people prefer to commit on the long term tefl employments on the basis of their remuneration, visa fares and other perks. But most people perceive more value in shorter term tefl jobs, ranging from a few weeks to a few months.

Since from the past few years’ short term tefl jobs have gain much popularity – as these types of jobs offer a little more promising in the shorter span of time.


It’s not always cheap for schools to obtain the relevant permits and visas for their foreign staff. Employers who don’t want the hassle and inconvenience will prefer to offer short term jobs to instructors coming from overseas to get around the long-term working visa issues.

The industry standard is one-year job contracts. These are easy to find. Also, if you do a good job, your boss will probably offer you an extension to your contract. Continue extending, and you’ll find your original year abroad can stretch to a satisfying life-long profession.

How to find the short term tefl jobs?

tefl summer jobs- There are loads of summer camps specially in the UK which cater to children and teenagers from different countries who come over for a couple of weeks to learn English in the summer. There are probably around 100 in different parts of the country that contract EFL teachers so it’s very simple to get work. It’s a great approach to get some experience in TEFL and although it is diligent work, it can also be great fun with lots of free trips and excursions included.

Other tefl Camps – During the summer break and main holiday periods, numerous language schools around the world put on short-term courses and sometimes you can find tefl jobs on these. There are also more pro language camps which only operate during the summer and offer tefl job vacancies.

More tips for finding the ideal tefl job:

Make sure that your CV is updated and highlights the relevant experience. If you do not have extensive teaching experience, highlight transferable skills acquired in another/other field(s) i.e.: mentoring at university, brownies’ camp leader, inter-staff workshops… Stressing your language awareness is also key. e.g. speaking other languages or an interest in reading or writing. Once more, if you have not had vast experience in lesson planning, find equivalents such as projects, powerpoint presentations, preparing for a trade fair, etc. in your former employment(s). Finally, show that you are a team player and flexible, and you will be seen as the ideal candidate.

Since English is widely regarded as the international language of business and one of the most spoken languages used by the people all around the world, so there is a high demand for teachers. Positions are accessible in both the private and public areas which offer a great standard of living for well qualified teachers.