Me as a teacher: Describing myself

Diary submitted by C., Madrid, 2020

Describing myself

I will start describing my weaknesses, to end in an up note describing my strengths. 

I get easily distracted. When I was younger my mom thought I had ADD or ADHD. After some psychological tests it turned out that I just could be very distracted at times. This is something I am aware and I actively try to work on. I do exercises in Lumosity, when I need to focus I try to listen to instrumental music (that helps me out), and I try to think of questions while people talk to me just to keep my mind focused on the conversation. It usually happens when I am worried about something, very tired or nervous. 

I am also very insecure at times. When I make a mistake, I usually go very hard on myself. I tend to compare myself to other people, which I didn’t do when I was younger but it turns out it is very frequent now. I doubt my skills or capacity when I am going through tough times, situations when I feel under pressure or when I am looking for a job. But I do enjoy challenges at the same time, which I find very odd.  

I am a time optimist. I think one day has about 36 hours. I always think that things will get done faster than they do. Or that I would get them done faster than I do. To balance this out, I wake up earlier in the morning just to make sure I will have time to do everything I need before going to work. I add in my mind a couple hours or days to the first estimate of time that I think. I used to work extra hours in my old job, because I committed to uncountable tasks and activities that were humanly impossible to finish in an 8 hours shift. 

On the bright side, I have many strengths that I have been cultivating throughout the years. I think among them I could name these three:

Motivation: from the moment I wake up I embrace the day with energy and excitement. I love having plans and things to do ahead of me. I also enjoy learning and improving new and old skills, I think I will always be studying something. 

Problem solving: I love brainstorming to face a problem. I am very creative when it comes to finding ways to improve or fix an issue. I practice good listener manners and ask a lot of information while proceeding to think about the solution. 

Teamwork: it’s great when you are surrounded by people to support each other. Motivating others to see the bright side, brainstorm for problem solving, it’s just great. I also think that having someone who is more experienced or has a different perspective than you do to ask for help is an invaluable resource. I firmly believe that teamwork makes the dreamwork. And I work to connect with others, to grow and work together in harmony and I actively try to be there when others are in need. 

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