Lesson Plan 5

Lesson Plan 5


Recap on previous lesson and introduce class.

Lost on a desert island game. Present the scenario “You are lost on a desert island in the middle of the ocean, which two items would you take and why”. The objects don’t have to be realistic, be creative! Give the students 2 minutes to think/make notes. Then get each to explain to the class. Note each object on the board. Then split into two teams. Get them to discuss how they could combine their objects in order to survive e.g. could they make a fire, eat anything, call for help etc. Each group presents to the other. Decide which team is more likely to survive.

GRAMMAR (15 mins)

Go over how to use form possessive nouns on board to denote ownership (noun + ‘s)
Write examples; William’s car, Rachel’s pen, Bonnie’s classroom
Get to fill in gap fill sentences on sheet.
Get students to write 3 example sentences and correct mistakes.
Questions; remind students that in English verbs come at the beginning of questions.

Watch possessive adjectives and pronouns video
Fill gap fill rest of exercises on sheet.

VOCABULARY (15 mins)
Get student to write down as many colours they can in 30 seconds. Write on board.
Listen to audio of colour song from Joseph (don’t show video), can they identify the colours? Add to list (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7Ly4Ha_MTo)
Re-play with video so can see names of colours.
Get student to write down as many items of clothing as they can in 30 seconds. Again make list on board.
Give out vocabulary list and get to describe what they are wearing to the class.

READING (10 minutes)
Read text on famous objects and complete exercises.

LISTENING (10 minutes)
Listen to audio of a conversation in a clothes shop (to be recorded). Answer the true/false questions. Play recording 3 times.

SPEAKING (10 minutes)
Split group into pairs. Give each student picture A, needs to describe picture and other student needs attempts to draw the pic.
Eg. There are … people, on the left there is a woman sitting down wearing a …
Get 4 minutes then other student describes picture B in the same way.
At end compare drawings to photos.

WRITING (10 minutes + finish at home)
Write 40-50 words about what you usually do at the weekend.

Close (5 mins)
Answer any questions. Explain next class’s topic and what resources students need to bring.

Total 85 mins + 5 mins for questions.