Lesson Plan 4

Lesson Plan 4

Intro/warm up (10 mins)

Word association game. 1st student says the first word that comes into their head. Next student has to say another word they think is associated with it, and so on. Other members/teacher decide if the word is associated or not. There is a 4 second limit for each person. When someone gets it wrong they don’t participate until the next round.

Grammar (30 minutes)

Students will watch video on Demonstratives (3 Minutes)

They will now fill out the GRAMMAR GAP FILL EXERCISE. Go over the answers afterwards. (5 Minutes)

If students are still having problems. Go over the grammar points on the whiteboard. Put a few examples to the students. (5 Minutes)

Once you have drilled it enough, give them the DEMONSTRATIVES WORKSHEET to complete. (10 Minutes)

Go over the answers with the class. (7 Minutes)

Vocabulary (15 mins)

Post it note game. Write an object on a post it note for each student and stick on forehead of student. Each person has 30 seconds to ask the class questions about which object they are. (Asks one question to each other student). When time is up move onto next person to guess, can have another 30 s time period if need! When a student thinks they know what they are they go any stand next to their object. Once everyone thinks they know what they are they can check.

Example q’s to write on board… Am I blue? Am I at the front of the classroom? Am I near the window? Am I used for….?

Pronunciation (10 minutes)

Students will watch the PRONUNCIATION OF FINAL -S video.

Spilt them into pairs and give them the PRONUNCIATION CARDS & BOARD. They must match up each word with its correct Final -s pronunciation.

Listening (10 minutes)
Listen to office conversation 3 times, complete comprehension questions and exercise.

Speaking (10 minutes)

Students will play THE TOPICS GAME.

Split into 2 or 3 teams. The teacher will pick a topic from THE TOPICS CARDS, at random, and read it out. The students will then discuss/write down 10 things for that topic. The first team to get 10 calls out. They will now read their 10.

For each correct thing, the team gets a point. The other teams will read out their answers, for every unique answer they will also receive a point.

Close (5 mins)
Answer any questions. Explain next class’s topic and what resources students need to bring.

Total 80 mins + 10 mins for questions.