Lesson Plan 3

Lesson Plan 3

Intro/warm up (15 mins)

The teacher introduces the class then goes straight into the GLUG GAME: (Rules in the activities book)

Grammar – making suggestions (20 mins)

The students will watch a grammar video on MODALS CAN/COULD (3 minutes)

Ask students to think about their level of English when they first started learning. What could they do? What couldn’t they do? Tell them to complete the following sentences (2 minutes)

When I started learning English I couldn’t … but now I can.
I could … and now I can do it better.
I couldn’t … and I still can’t.

The students will watch a grammar video on MODALS SHOULD/COULD (3 minutes)

Students play the advice game (Rules in activities book)

The students will watch a grammar video on MODAL WILL (2 minutes)

Assign different students the roles of fortune teller and tell them to choose their method of fortune telling (palm reading, tea leaves etc). They “set up shop” at the front of the class. Other students take turns going and visiting the different fortune tellers. (5 minutes)

Pronunciation – intonation (10 minutes)
Explain at front that how we say words or sentences can change the meaning.
Intonation in the following sentences conveys the feeling of the speaker;

Example sentences to go through on the board
“I have something to tell you” (speaker can be happy, worried, nervous)
“It’s raining” (speaker can be surprised, upset, thankful)

Can the students think of other examples?

Words with the same spelling but different meanings from intonation/pronunciation
A farm produces produce
I don’t object to you putting the object on the table
The explorer had to desert his dessert in the desert
Other examples; Polish/to polish, present (at the moment)/present (gift)/ to present, can students think of sentences?

Vocabulary – feelings (10 mins)

Charades game with feelings vocabulary. Get 1 student to come to front of class and act out feeling taken from the vocabulary list. The students will have the lists in front of them to refer to.

Listening (10 mins)
Listen to audio of people making suggestions. Match each to correct image, and write the adjective used. Listen to audio 2 times.

Writing (10 mins)
Students write 5 sentences suggesting places tourists could visit their city, village,town etc. You could include museums, parks and restaurants. Try to use reasons (e.g. because the food is really tasty) and linking words.

Linking words (also, then, firstly, secondly, finally, however…)

You ought to…
You need to…
My advice is to…
You could…
I would advise that…
If I were you, I would…
You’d better…
If I were if your place…

Then get students to read to the class.

Speaking (5 mins)
Split into pairs. One person says the statement using words from vocabulary section and other provides suggestion. Eg I’m tired, you should have a nap. Go around and check for any mistakes.

Reading (10 minutes)
Read the three agony aunt letters and match them to the replies.

Close (5 mins)
Answer any questions. Explain next class’s topic and what resources students need to bring.

Total 90 mins