Lesson Plan 1

Lesson Plan 1

Introduction/warm up (5 mins)

Welcome class, ask students how they are. Get them to each say something about themselves using previous lessons vocabulary/structures. Recap countries and capital cities from lesson 1 using world map.

Grammar (20 minutes)

Watch grammar video on WH- QUESTIONS

Watch video of two people introducing themselves, can students identify the questions? Provide script of dialogue afterwards (5 mins)

Split into pairs, give student a different card with a famous profile on. One of the students reads out the first sentence of the profile. The other student can take a guess at who the famous person is. If they fail to guess, the next sentence is read, and so on until the Famous Person has been identified. Once they have been identified, count the number of sentences unread. These are the points that person scores. (10 minutes)

Pronunciation (10 mins)

Go over common Wh- words on the board (What, When, Where, Why, How etc), get them to repeat.
Wh- tongue twister (explain what a tongue twister is). “Little Willie’s wooden whistle wouldn’t whistle” or “if two witches would watch two watches, which witch would watch which watch”

Vocabulary (15 mins)
The students will look over their Vocabulary List for a few minutes before putting them aside.

The students will now play the SPELLING TIC TAC TOE game. (Rules in Activities Book)

Writing (5 mins)
Students to complete Writing WH- QUESTION WORDS

Speaking (15 mins)
Ask a student to stand in front of the class and using the WH- questions list, have the other students ask them questions about themselves. Get through as many students as you can.

Listening (5 mins)
Listen to recording of conversation a reception. True or false exercise. Listen to audio 3 times.

Reading (10 mins)
Provide dialogue from listening. Allow students to read, correct own mistakes from T/F activity. Answer any vocabulary questions.

Close (5 mins)
Answer any questions. Explain next class’s topic and what resources students need to bring.

Total 80 mins + 10 mins to spare if encounter problems