How to find TEFL Work Overseas

How to find work overseas 

Diary submitted by Christion W., Erasmus+ internship in Valencia

The way in which I had found work overseas was through my university institution. However, from my knowledge and understanding, there are a plethora of ways for me to find work in a foreign country. Another way is for me to seek advice from my Tutor on this TEFL Trainer Course who can provide me with the relevant sources that can aid in my process. Another way would be for me to actively seek work independently online. When looking for work abroad through online means, I must first ensure that the company that I am going to work for is transparent and provides me with all the relevant information that I need. Haley Carzo talks about how someone should plan their search when finding work overseas and this has resonated me. When finding work abroad I can categorize my search into four ways:

  • By student age 
  • By the work environment 
  • By the workload
  • By my qualifications 

I will first need to decide if I am going to teach younger or older students. Some countries like china mainly have students who are that of a younger demographic. By looking at the working environment of an English teaching school abroad, I can consider whether I would want to work full-time or part-time, or for a public or private institution. My preferred workplace would be a private institution as from my own experience working at Valencia language club, there is more flexibility in the way in which can teach students. It is stated that international schools require more of a an in-person student-facing style of teaching and this is what I am most comfortable with. My qualifications will only limit the amount of choices I have when looking for jobs abroad. I will graduate in January with a degree in business and Once I complete my TEFL internship, the doors will be open for me to explore a wide array of overseas jobs that require these qualifications. 

In addition to the four ways of how I must prepare to find work abroad, I believe that culture plays a big part. Aside from teaching, I have been speaking to many teachers at Valencia language club as well as friends who have taught abroad and they tell me that I should find work overseas in country that has similar work practices and traditions to that of my own as this could have a negative effect on my well-being.

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