How being a teacher can bring you a satisfactory life all around the World

Why did you decide to become a teacher? 

How being a teacher can bring you a satisfactory life all around the World 

Diary submitted by Lolita M, Erasmus+ internship in Valencia

In this essay, I will be discussing my motivations behind becoming a teacher and the benefits this experience has brought to my future goals. 

I have decided to become a teacher because above all it is a very rewarding job. It is of great importance for myself to find a job that provides me with a positive feeling and luckily, teaching manages to do exactly that.  There have been moments where I have walked out of a successful classroom during which the students have shown enthusiasm and dedication to learning, whilst I have had the opportunity to introduce them to new vocabulary / idioms / grammar rules, which has made me feel happy and accomplished. It is always a great pleasure to witness your students cooperating and actually showing willingness to learn. Their dedication has made my time feel worthwhile. It has made me recognise that my help is wanted and has provided a benefit to someone. This is a rewarding feeling because it is morally correct to help others. Luckily, I have had the opportunity to help others using my knowledge. Academia is something that gives me great satisfaction, which makes being a teacher double as good. 

Furthermore, apart from providing this great sense of reward, this job has also opened up many opportunities for my future life. Having completed this experience makes my profile stand out from other potential job applicants for the same position. It also opens up the opportunity to continue my career as a teacher abroad. Having a TEFL certificate is desired by many recruiters in academia. It shows practice in a classroom environment under desired professional conditions.  This enables me to work in any part of the world. The ability to freely choose to work anywhere in the world is of great interest to me. Throughout my life I have travelled many corners of the world, it is something that comes naturally to me. Travelling is a part of who I am. Combining the two benefits together puts me in a wonderful position. Being able to work anywhere in the world, since English is desired to be learnt in many countries, as well as the job providing a sense of satisfaction and reward are two necessary components to a happy future. 

Overall, I have decided to become a teacher because this career leaves me feeling satisfied and rewarded at the end of a working day. This sense of reward comes from knowing that in my job I have managed to help others. Secondly, being an English teacher opens up the ability to work abroad since English is a desired language in many counties. The ability to travel is of high importance to me. 

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