Creating quizzes and enjoyable lessons: our Top 3 websites

Creating quizzes and enjoyable lessons: our Top 3 websites

Feeling creative this weekend and fancy making your own quizzes, exams, or assessments in under 15 minutes? Or simply looking for a way to supplement your lesson plans for next week? Creating quizzes and enjoyable lessons starts here!

Check out this top 3 list of game / quiz generators and ready-made quizzes for EFL teachers!creating quizzes

This top 3 of websites or programs will enable you to make an effective and fun quiz or lesson plan for language learning (generally focusing on vocabulary building)!

1/ ESL VIDEO.com


This one is great for modern teachers who enjoy using videos in class. This website basically allows you to make quizzes using YouTube videos.

It also provides you with guided practice (how to introduce the vocabulary, then play the video in its entirety, then incorporate a reading exercise, then the quiz etc.), i.e.:


Guidelines taken from ESLVIdeo.com:

“Introduction and Guided Practice:
1. Introduce the vocabulary.
2. Play the video full screen from beginning to end.
3. Resize the screen so the students can see the quiz.
4. Play only the first segment. As a class, read and answer question 1.
5. Repeat for questions 2-8. (…)
6. Discuss the components of the quiz: a question, 2 incorrect answers, and 1 correct answer.
7. Put the students in pairs. (…)
8. Have the students write the question for quiz question number two: “How’s the weather?”
9. Play only video segment 2 a couple of times. (…)
10. Repeat for segments 3-8.
11. In larger groups, have the students ask and answer questions about the weather in other countries.



For more advanced students, this is a great website which contains ready-made quizzes on a variety of  topics: from David Bowie to Capital Cities! You can use these quizzes to work on vocabulary and pronunciation, but also incorporate cultural elements to start discussions.



Ideal for all levels of learners.

By simply completing the online form you can generate your own crossword puzzles for free. With many options of fonts, colours, images… you can come up with your own materials for specific vocabulary or celebrations such as Easter, Christmas, or Halloween!

This website also offers other features such as lesson plans and collaboration projects.


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Check it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

top 3 websites for creating quizzes

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