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Diary submitted by Adam Mc M, Valencia

TEFL Certification course come in all shapes and sizes. The real difficulty comes with deciding which is right for the individual’s needs. Factoring in cost, convenience and even how much time the student has in order to learn everything they need to comfortable teach abroad. Some of the most popular on the market are TEFL Trainer, International TEFL Academy and ITTT.

Most trusted TEFL accreditation courses will give you the hours you need to learn the necessary information for teaching English. For example, TEFL Trainer’s online courses can begin at 140 hours with or without tutoring, making it simple for you to choose which you can work your time around. International TEFL Academy offers a slightly longer course which offers 150 hours plus 20 hours of classroom observation. Giving it an advantage over TEFL Trainer in terms of length however falling behind by not having the option of being able to apply your skills in a classroom of your own. 

If the client does not have a lot of time on their hands and would prefer a more flexible course, then ITTT would be the best option for them. This course offers a flexible, study-in-your-own-time program and advanced or specified courses for those who may be wishing to improve their skills. Most of these courses come in around the same price, however, TEFL Trainer has to ability to be paired with Erasmus so the student can practice their skills. 

Just as each of these courses will teach, it is very important to practice what is taught in these courses, just as it is important for the ESL students to practice their English. Without classroom time, or at the very least observation, applying the skills learned from these courses in a real-world scenario will be immensely difficult. A student of a course the allows teaching hours will also be more easily employed as they will already have the experience that someone that only has a certificate will not. 

Overall it may be a wise idea for anyone considering a TEFL course to ensure they have enough time set aside to study. Pricing is generally very similar so balancing the time one must ensure the course is completed in with the price to be paid is recommended. In order to ensure that the student gets the most from any of these courses it would be advised to obtain some teaching hours of their own. Wither this is through work experience, employment or TEFL Trainer’s teaching capabilities.

Choosing the right TEFL Certification course tefl trainer blog

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