Can my strengths outweigh my inability to do maths?

Describe three of your strengths and three of your weaknesses. Explain each one. 

Can my strengths outweigh my inability to do maths? 

Diary submitted by Lolita M, Erasmus+ internship in Valencia

In this essay I will be discussing three of my strengths and three of my weaknesses, followed by an explanation of each. 

One of my strengths is my motivation. I have a set clear goal that I wish to achieve in the future and I feel very encouraged to do anything it takes to achieve it. My goal is to move to Vancouver and get into the University of British Columbia in order to do a Masters degree in Philosophy. Doing this for me would be a dream come true. Vancouver is a city that I truly desire to live in and UBC is a very good university that would be an honour to study in. Knowing the happiness that this achievement would bring to me motivates me everyday to do things that would help me accomplish my goal. This is why I am a very motivated person and continue to find strength to do any activity. 

One of my weaknesses is my punctuality. It is embarrassing to admit, however if I am being honest this is one of the things I can work to improve on. I think that this weakness stems from a lack of punctuality in everyone in my family. Having grown up witnessing my mother being late to everything, has made me think that this behaviour is acceptable. As I have grown up I have started to realise that this is not a good trait. It is something that will take practice, and something I am working on improving day by day. 

Another one of my strengths is my knowledge of philosophy. I am very passionate about this subject and it gives me great pleasure in life when I am studying it. Since it gives me so much happiness, I enjoy spending may time in the libraries reading up on the subject. I can proudly state that even a number of people that know me have states that they have “never met anyone so obsessed over their subject”. Hearing this Maes me very proud. 

Another one of my weaknesses is my inability to do maths. I am very slow when it comes to doing any equations and often cannot do an equation in my head. I have never been good at maths and it is something that I wish to improve on. 

My third strength is my passion for planning ahead. I am not one of those people that do things on the spot or deal with situations when they come to them. I like to know things in advance and prepare for them.

My third weakness is my inability to cook. Not being able to cook has taken a toll on my finances. In the future I wish to take beginner cooking lessons in order to accomplish this necessary skill. 

Overall, I have discussed three of my strengths and weaknesses. 

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