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TEFL Trainer FAQ


Do I need to buy any books to complete any of the TEFL Trainer TEFL Course(s)?

The answer is no although there is a list of recommended books to supplement your learning and paid resources through numerous websites that are available and can be used in the classroom to create lesson plans or simply for further development as a teacher.


Can I teach English Abroad?

Teaching abroad will in some cases require a visa. Prospective employers will also look for candidates with a proficient level of English, clear accent, TEFL certification, and in some cases a university degree.


How do I access my online Course?

Once you have signed up here you will be able to access your course by logging in (top right hand corner of the Main Menu), and going to "Course Access" here.


How long can I access the online course?

Upon signing up you will be able to access your Online TEFL Course for 12 months. If you need an extension, please get in touch with us`!


What requirements are there to do a TEFL Course?

As long as you have a high level of English you will be able to follow the online course, submit your written assignments required as well as complete exams. You do not need any particular qualifications or nationality to sign up for the online courses.

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How can I contact TEFL Trainer?

To contact TEFL Trainer, you have many options to choose from:
- Message us through our Contact form here
- Email us: contact@teflinternshipspain.com
- Skype us: TeflTrainerTeachers
- Request a Call back