What EFL exams are popular in France?

What EFL exams are popular in France?

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How do I test my Students?

Plenty EFL exams have been created over the past few years such as TOEIC, IELTS, BULATS, Cambridge exams, Bright, Evalong, The Trinity ESOL exams, TOEFL, etc. These various exams are allowing EFL learners to evaluate their English proficiency for university or work, or simply because they want to be more confident at English. Indeed, universities, big companies or other kind of employers now require a proof of the English level of their applicants. Nowadays, EFL exams are becoming known worldwide.

However, the popular exams in each countries differ according to its culture, social and educational background. We’ll be focusing on the case of France as most of French students are today aware of the need to learn English and reaching a high level. So what are the most popular EFL exams in France?

Cambridge exams

The most famous ones would be the Cambridge English qualifications for children and teenagers.
In fact, most French kids have to pass a test in writing, reading, listening and speaking at some point at school, especially if they are studying in a private one. Some primary schools already teach English to their young pupils and make them pass YLE (Young Learner of English) tests.
However, children mainly pass some tests at the end of the “collège” which is equivalent to year 10 in the UK and during the “lycée”, (secondary school). Cambridge exams provide a strong foundation and learning framework to help children and teenagers gain confidence and improve their English language skills, step by step.


The British Council offers students to pass the IELTS which can allow them to study or work abroad, especially in Australia. It is one of the most popular EFL exams for French students to get.
Indeed, this level test can permit them to exempt some English classes at university. It also allow students to obtain ECTS credits in order to complete international programs, such as Erasmus.


The TOEIC measures the everyday English skills of people who want to work in an international environment. The TOEIC is indeed very useful for French students or professionals who want to evaluate and prove their English level on their CV or on their school applications. It is sometimes preferred by business degree programs and employers. Actually, more and more business or engineering schools ask their students to pass this test in order to give credibility to their students
on the international job market.

TOEFL evaluates the level of students or professionals in English and allows them to apply for a large variety of universities or companies, mainly in America. Indeed, TOEFL is not only specific to the communication or business field such as the TOEIC. Many U.S. universities require the TOEFL IBT for international student admissions.


To conclude, a good English level is nowadays essential for those who want to achieve a university degree or a specific career. In order to encourage French students and professionals to work or study abroad, a large choice of EFL exams are now available to prove to themselves, universities, schools and employers their level of English.


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What EFL exams are popular in France?

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