DBS checks

If you do not hold a recent and valid enhanced DBS check, and are applying for a teaching internship with partner schools who tailor their courses towards Young Learners, you will need to apply for an Enhanced DBS check, through us.

We work with an umbrella company, Criminal Records Services, that offers paper or online DBS checking services. They are UKAS ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management accredited and UKAS ISO 27001 Information Security Management accredited.

Please pay the fee and check with us which documents you need to forward for the background check. The fees are £99 = £48 Enhanced DBS Check + £20 Handling fee of the umbrella body + £31 Handling fee of TEFL Trainer

Please pay the relevant fee to us here and send us the 3 required documents via email (contact@teflinternshipspain.com):


1 Document is required from this group

  • Current valid Passport
  • Biometric Residence Permit (UK)
  • Current Driving Licence (UK, Isle of Man/Channel Islands) (full or provisional)
  • Birth Certificate (UK & Channel Islands) – issued within 12 months of your date of birth. 

If you do not hold at least one of the identification documents listed below you should seek clarification from TEFL Trainer prior to starting your application as you may not be able to submit your application. Eligibily details downloadable Here.


2 Further Documents are required from Group I, IIa or IIb

Group IIa: Trusted government documents Document

  • Current driving licence – photo card (where a counterpart has been issued but no counterpart is presented)
  • Current driving licence – paper version
  • Birth certificate – issued after time of birth
  • Marriage/civil partnership certificate
  • HM Forces ID card
  • Firearms licence

Group IIb:  Financial and social history documents Document

  • Mortgage statement
  • Bank or building society statement
  • Bank or building society account opening confirmation letter
  • Credit card statement
  • Financial statement, e.g. pension or endowment
  • P45 or P60 statement
  • Council Tax statement
  • Work permit or visa
  • Letter of sponsorship from future employment provider
  • Utility bill
  • Benefit statement, e.g. Child Benefit, Pension
  • Central or local government, government agency, or local council document giving entitlement, e.g. from the Department for Work and Pensions, the Employment Service,
  • HMRC
  • EU National ID card
  • Cards carrying the PASS accreditation logo
  • Letter from head teacher or college principal

You can also download the list below:

ID Documents the applicant must provide: OPEN LIST HERE


We would need the following information before submitting your background check request:

1/ Please provide your address history covering the last 5 years
You should list the addresses in chronological order starting with the most recent, your address history needs to include Aug 2013 – present. The dates provided must also be continuous and not contain any gaps.

2/ Nationality at birth: (same or different to current nationality)

3/ Please answer the following question with YES or NO and specify the previous nationality if question is answered yes.
Have you changed your nationality since birth?

4/ Please answer the following question with YES or NO:
Have you changed your birth surname? YES/ NO

5/ Please answer the following question with YES or NO:
Do you have any convictions, cautions, reprimands or final warnings which would not be filtered in line with current guidance? (*): YES / NO

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