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3 learning blocks towards Advanced and Accredited TEFL Certification explained in our Course Syllabus below

1/ Before the Course: TEFL Online Preparation

140 hours of videos, texts, interactive exercises, and online support. This the TEFL Theory section:

  • Classroom Management
  • Methodology
  • Lesson Planning
  • Grammar
  • Phonetics
  • Basics of Teaching
  • TEFL Job Interview Preparation
  • Languages & Levels

You do not have to complete the entire course before arriving although many choose to, which is fantastic for better time management once on-site. We at least recommend you complete the sections which are most unfamiliar, so as to brush up on general teaching lingo. You can complete the course during your internship in Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia. Sign up here.

2/ During your Teaching Internship in Spain:

150 hours+ of classroom practice in a language school in Barcelona, Madrid, or Valencia. This is the TEFL Practice part of the course:

    • Observation of classes (1to1 and groups)
    • Classes observed (by your mentor and counterparts: 1to1 and small groups)
    • Job seeking support (correction of  your CV and recommendation on your Linkedin profile upon request)
    • Courses taught: General TEFL and Specialist TEFL (Business English and Exam Preparation Courses, often referred to as Academic English)
    • Skills taught: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking
    • Ages taught: adults, teenagers, and children
    • All materials provided: lesson plans, text books etc.
  • Typical day: Lesson preparation and practice, teaching practice, teaching observation, and feedback on your teaching.

3/ Further TEFL Assignments during the Internship:

In order to obtain your certificate, you will need to have completed the following:

    • 6 written tests (to complete online).
    • 6  assignments of 400 words each (to submit by email): This is the TEFL Research learning block.
  • teaching  internship (dates agreed upon in your learning agreement)

4/ Outcome of your TEFL internship:

Course Syllabus TEFL Trainer Spain

Upon successful completion of your 3 learning blocks, you will be awarded your accredited TEFL TRAINER TEFL Certificate.

TEFL Trainer Course Syllabus


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