Why teach business English?

Why teach business English?

In our rapidly globalising society more and more people want to learn English, causing a monumental surge in the amount of people taking TEFL courses and scouring the world looking for the best opportunities.

54-business-and-marketing-concepts_business-languageMany people have visions of reading colourful yet tatty children’s’ books to hoards of half dressed little ones in varying forms of disarray and receiving waves of self pride at having done something so meaningful.

Yet the stark reality of the matter is, is if you want to earn any money from teaching English, tatty village children in south Asia are not going to be able to provide you with an impressive pay packet. That is where capitalism comes in, and the true power of business English takes the stage.

There is no denying that the grasp of globalisation is firm and the world is subsequently shrinking as a result of this. People are skipping across the globe both figuratively and literally to secure trade deals and strengthen the already frightening might of multinational corporations. And the thread that ties the world together is, that’s right, the English Language.

This is why teaching business English is an excellent way to explore the furthest corners of the earth, whilst making a pretty penny along the way.

Business English consists of:

  • Teaching students how to write formal letters and emails in English
  • Describing the corporate hierarchy of Anglophone companies
  • Teaching business specific vocabulary based on various industries
  • Interview preparation and practice
  • How to pitch a product
  • Discussing the importance of understanding cultural traditions and how they affect business relations.


54 business and marketing conceptsCountries where business English jobs are in abundance is mostly focusing in the countries known as the ‘Four Asian Tigers’ due to their astoundingly rapid economic growth throughout the past two decades.

These countries include


Japan is one of the first non – western countries to achieve an impressive GDP in comparison to the rest of the continent. Tokyo and Kyoto are now the most expensive cities in the world, with a standard of living incomparable to anything in the west in terms of its swift efficiency. Tokyo abounds with teaching jobs specifically aimed at Business, as business men everywhere seek to improve their English skills in the hope of an increase in future job prospects.

South Korea

Despite a turbulent past bound up in civil war which leads to a national divide between the north and south of the country, South Korea has evolved into a financial power house not too dissimilar from its neighbour, Japan. Seoul is a futuristic city where everything runs like clockwork and new technologies are apparent in every corner of this busy city life. As in Japan, there are thousands of young professionals seeking Business English tutors to help them attain higher levels of employability. Many Korean ESL companies offer attractive packages including paying for flights and accommodation.


Taiwan is a smaller and more modest version of the other Asian tigers but is nonetheless a great option for those who want to explore and live in East Asia but may find Tokyo and Seoul a little too large and overwhelming.


China is on route to becoming the next global hegemony, as the power of its political system coupled by Confucian ideology and sheer giantess size makes it the ideal magnet for ESL teachers wanting to live a life worlds apart from the familiar. Chinese culture and its long and winding history make it a fascinating country and a world in itself. Shanghai and Beijing are full of young and ambitious Chinese professionals searching for business English tutors, and will often pay handsomely for your expertise.

Ne-learning_TEFL Trainero matter which route you go down, taking the business English course at TEFL Trainer will guarantee to broaden your horizons and make you even more attractive to a wider network of potential employers.