Targeted Campaigns to find the ideal TEFL Candidates! This is the perfect TEFL jobs board to advertise English teaching jobs worldwide, whether for virtual or classroom-based roles in a language school. The TEFL Trainer Job Board is now relaunched for 2022/2023! A cost-effective way to post job listings and target specific individuals who are likely to be interested in your open position. Our database and followers have indicated that they're interested in teaching English as a foreign language and in becoming certified, some of which have since then successfully completed our TEFL Certification course combined with teaching internships across Spain. This in fact increases the likelihood of receiving quality applications. Reaching a global audience is also a benefit worth mentioning, ideal when looking for such a high demand role such as qualified language teachers. Take a look at our reasonable pricing and take your pick! We will do the rest.

TEFL Job Listing Options


Listing option
£ 49
99 Year
  • 1 listing on our website
  • company logo
  • link to your contact page
  • up to 2 changes to the advert

Above you can pay in GBP but you can also select EURO or USD here below.


Listing option
£ 114
99 Year
  • 1 dedicated page on our website
  • up to 3 changes to the advert within the year
  • company logo
  • link to your website
  • full contact details
  • mailing to 5,000 contacts
  • shoutout on IG and Facebook
  • post on LinkedIn visible to 1,500+ contacts

Above you can pay in GBP but you can also select EURO or USD here below.


Listing option
£ 139
99 Year
  • adapt each campaign based on your current needs
  • 3 x mailings to 5,000 contacts
  • 3 x posts on LinkedIn visible to 1,500+ contacts
  • Free Bonus 3 x shoutouts on IG and Facebook
  • 1 dedicated page on our website
  • up to 3 changes to each advert within the year
  • company logo
  • link to your website
  • full contact details

Above you can pay in GBP but you can also select EURO or USD here below.

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Virtual TEFL Jobs

If you would like to advertise your paid TEFL, FLE or ELE teaching opportunities with us, please get in touch! Contact us here or simply select your advertising option below and we will contact you for all the information needed to post and share your listing!

Make sure to contact us with your company details

Find candidates for your Teaching Jobs on our newly re-launched Jobs Board. This would require sending us a detailed Job Listing containing the following information:
1/ title
2/ location
3/ start date
4/ salary
5/ timetable or hours pw
6/ requirements
7/ job description
8/ company description + logo
9/ any additional information you would like to share
10/ any photos or videos you would like us to embed or use for branding purposes

Job Ads Disclaimer

All advertisements for posts are accepted in good faith.
TEFL Trainer reserves the right to refuse or amend any advertisement submitted.
TEFL Trainer makes no claims as to the validity or accuracy of employment information contained within this advertisement, we simply work as a conduit for this information. It shall bear no responsibility for the outcome of any positions to which an individual might apply.
Prior to accepting employment, job-seekers are advised to exercise due diligence and fully research employers and request references where appropriate. We also suggest a legally-binding agreement/contract is signed in advance of employment between the job-seeker and employer.
Views expressed by advertisers/contributors are not necessarily those of TEFL Trainer or its management or agents.

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I attended a workshop across two weekends on teaching business, young learners and exam preparation which were equally as well-planned and engaging. I’m sad it’s over!

Poppy Treadaway

This is a great course (…) In particular, Julia offers impeccable support throughout the whole process and dedicates a lot of time to her interns!

Julia Audinet

I really enjoyed the blend of online training with teaching in Madrid, giving me a chance to implement what I had learnt. The reflective diaries were also really helpful to delve deeper into the theory behind teaching.

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Beth M. Madrid

The TEFL trainer is a great course and provided me with a wonderful experience teaching in Madrid.

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Emma S. Madrid

This work experience of teaching was really perfect for me. I had no experience in that sector but the staff helped me a lot.

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Clémence J. Madrid

During my TEFL training in Valencia I gained a lot of new knowledge and fantastic experiences.

The TEFL trainer programme covers all neccessary topics to make you a confident and well prepared teacher.

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Denise P. Valencia