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TEFL Trainer is an accredited TEFL Certification provider with a network of schools in Spain. TEFL Trainer has worked with over 50 UK and French universities organising teaching internships in English, Spanish, and French, through a network of language schools in Spain, for the past 4 years.


Our unique combination of practice and theory enables participants to become certified whilst gaining first-hand teaching experience, and upon completion of the 3 learning blocks.
  1. teaching practice (with a teaching internship or volunteering in Spain) or 6 lesson plans (for the 100% online course options),
  2. teaching research (6 reflective diaries to submit), and
  3. teaching theory (online TEFL course with 6 final exams).


TEFL Trainer’s programmes strengths lie in the fact that:

  • All TEFL Trainer’s courses are accredited by ITEFLAC and lead to TEFL Certification. TEFL Certificates are deemed international which means that they are recognised everywhere in the world and that no homologation is required, unlike university degrees or diplomas.
  • We provide you not only with a certificate but also a detailed PDF with the breakdown of your grades. This is something we hold onto on our cloud. Often we are praised for our responsiveness when asked for references by prospective employers. We send the breakdown of the grades within 24 hours from receiving the request.
  • Our online course is not the standard multiple-choice course. We ask that students take on a more active role when studying our TEFL Course. We have indeed extracted 6 key elements and since ask that our students submit 6 reflective diaries (subjects available in the Student Handbook we provide). These 400-word assignments enable our students to gain further insight and understanding of the role, through their reflection and research. We of course provide the general subjects, guidelines, and guidance, to help our students perform well and obtain fair grades.
  • During our course we constantly refer to the Teacher’s Kit, which is our way of making sure that our students compile materials as well as lesson plans. This is a great way to have a variety of familiar resources, useful at job interviews (as in some language schools they will give you 10 to 30 minutes to prepare a class/lesson plan, then ask for you to deliver a sample class, before being selected for the job).
  • If you are currently teaching / tutoring (or have in the past) and wish for us to gather grades to further support future applications, you can submit a grading form to your current language school / students and return them to us graded and signed/stamped. This will give further value to your CV in the context of future applications. This comes free of charge and in conjunction with our online course options. Please get in touch with us today for more information!
  • Please note that both of our online course options also include a hard copy of your certificate being sent to you by post. A PDF with the breakdown of your grade will also be emailed to you upon completion of our 3 learning blocks.


TEFL Trainer is a TEFL Certification provider accredited by ITEFLAC, hence offering regulated qualifications, giving further weight to our TEFL Certificates.

With the rise of lower quality providers who we believe may underestimate the investment and expertise required to deliver a programme online, we want the world to know about our courses. Our online programme is based on a deep understanding of how teachers learn with the e-learning context. It has required focused academic research, investment in technology and commitment to the learning environment itself.

With the support of academic institutions, TEFL Trainer remains a specialist in ESOL and is an individual affiliate of ALTE, the Association of Language Assessments in Learning. Our programme is supported by an international and multilingual team. Our partner language schools across Spain enable us to offer blended learning, combining TEFL theory, TEFL research, and TEFL practice for those interested in gaining first-hand teaching experience during their semester(s) abroad under the Erasmus scheme.

We evaluate our standards against the requirements of prospective TEFL employers and we are always seeking to supplement our current endorsements and accreditation by working hand in hand with other educational institutions.

Becoming TEFL certified is not just about vicarious learning and study. The essential lessons from the online TEFL course, providing an overview of current and central aspects of foreign language learning and teaching, are to be supplemented with nuanced insights from the experience of ‘doing’ hence the mandatory assignments (reflective diaries and lessons plans).

Although TEFL Courses can breed impatience, the illusion that one has learnt enough, TEFL courses provide a great opportunity for students and non students alike to explore solutions to classroom scenarios. The tutorial video clips are available throughout the course sections. Each topic is also complemented with questions and further reading suggestions. TEFL Courses are merely the beginning of a lifetime of learning. Hence the mini course(s) that our certified teachers or more experienced teachers can complete on our website, and supplement with experience.

Apart from metalanguage and methodology, the Online TEFL Course also explains cultural awareness, basics of teaching, and gives advice on job interview preparation.