20-hour Specialist Course: Teaching Young Learners

How to teach Young Learners?

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20-hour Teaching Young Learners Specialist Course

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Table of Contents

What will you learn?

Grow to understand how to organise and use quality and 

age-appropriate materials to present  to 

your class of kids or teens, verbally and non verbally, 

while creating a vibrant and safe learning environment.

Course accesible for 6 months upon signing up.


1. Introduction to Teaching Kids

2. Staging the Learning Process

3. Classroom Management and Commands

4. Teaching Toddlers and Preschoolers 

5. Teaching Primary to Middle School 

6. Teaching Tweenagers 

7. Teaching Teenagers

8. Establishing a Routine

9. More Resources

10. Final Exams and Assignments: 4 brief multiple quizzes to complete, 2 lesson plans to submit using our templates, and your 15-minute Skype mentoring session to schedule

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